Working Together for a Strong Contract at NYU!

To Win This Fight, We Must Unite!

As we bargain our first NYU contract without the support of the League in decades, it’s crucial that we stand strong and united. NYU talks a good game about “respecting our right to collectively bargain,” but actions speak louder than words. If NYU wants to bargain fairly with us then why have they hired a lawyer from the Right-to-Work state of North Carolina?

NYU claims that they left the League to do better by employees and patients. If they really want to do better, then they need to settle a contract with us that is even better than the one the League settled in July. NYU seems to forget that good jobs and quality care go hand in hand.

We're Not Settling for Worse, NYU.

At bargaining with NYU on Friday October 12, we extended our contract through November 11. While we had hoped to have settled by now, NYU’s continued refusal to agree to pay the required rate for our healthcare benefits has made that impossible. We refuse to settle for worse than what we need and deserve!

Keep the pressure on! NYU has shown that if we don’t show them our strength they will walk all over us.

It’s time to stand up and fight back.

We’re coming to you!

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